Modern permanent cosmetics are fairly recent, but the concept dates back to ancient Egypt. Over the last ten years the industry has grown rapidly in popularity.  We offer eyeliner, lip and lipliner, and/or eyebrow work at an upscale tattoo shop in Cincinnati.

We offer you the opportunity to design your very own one of a kind Tattoo. Your tattoo and body piercing is your billboard and ours so we help guide it be the best. With two unique artists, our shop has a combined 50 years of tattooing experience! Get that tattoo & body piercing in Cincinnati at Mystic Revolutions now!

Our licensed stylist can cut, color, and spice up any hair cut.  With 20 years experience you will be in and out in a flash.  While you are getting that new look you have been wanting, you can also consult with an artist about Permanent Makeup!  Mystic Revolutions tattoo shop is always interested in having new cosmetologists come on board.  Inquire within.

We offer expert piercing from ears to most body appendages.  We use quality sterilized jewelry made to reduce sensitivity while healing.  We do not do dermals or body mods.  We also sell jewelry for existing piercings.  Come get your tattoo & body piercings in Cincinnati and enjoy the vibes of an amazing shop.

Full Service Hair Design

Ear & Body Piercings 

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Mystic Revolutions is the newest tattoo parlor to hit the Uptown scene.  They have a full service hair salon and specialize in permanent cosmetics.  Dozer, the owner, has been a permanent makeup specialist for over ten years.  He acquired his certification in 2003 from the Face Up Aesthetics Institute in Canton Ohio.  He has been a tattoo artist for over twenty years and brings the highest degree of training and professionalism to each and every procedure.  He has done hundreds of permanent makeup applications from cosmetics to scar camouflage and skin color corrections.  He has owned and operated multiple permanent cosmetics/tattoo salons over his career.   

        Mystic Revolutions - Tattoo Shop in Cincinnati